Loops in Smalltalk

goran.krampe at bluefish.se goran.krampe at bluefish.se
Mon Jun 28 09:10:31 UTC 2004


Kenneth Johnsen <kennethjohnsen at mail.dk> wrote:
> Next, I put the "Transcript show" in (I know, I know, that's not exactly 
> testing the loop itself).
> Squeak printed: 125585
> Dolphin printed: 20711
> Presumably Dolphin is faster because it is targeted at Windows.

Nah, the issue here is surely Transcript. Though Dolphin and Squeak is
more or less on par with each other for many things. Both are
interpreters without JITs. Dolphin may do some things faster since it
calls win32 to do them, and Squeak may be faster at other things.
> Question 2: After "5000" was printed, both systems took a couple of 
> seconds to come alive again (i.e. in Squeak, everything froze, in 
> Dolphin, I got an hourglass). What were they doing? Was that the garbage 
> collector at work, or?

Might be, Transcript show: etc is not fun in a benchmark. :) It probably
messes around with Strings creating garbage and might also be scrolling
pixels in the window etc. etc.

> Regards,
> Kenneth Johnsen.

regards, Göran

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