LEGO MindStorm control

Ned Konz ned at
Mon Jun 28 15:52:47 UTC 2004

[copied to squeak-dev list; replies please to Randy and me...]

On Saturday 26 June 2004 11:45 am, Randy Heiland wrote:

> Is anyone out there controlling your LEGO MindStorm from Squeak?  I
> found this page:
> and just attempted to use it, but was unsuccessful.  On closer reading,
> it's probably because I'm using MindStorm Invention 2.0 with an IR tower
> attached via USB.
> Any advice/links, etc much appreciated!

Hi Randy,

I have controlled my Mindstorms 1.2 (?) version with Squeak (see the page at but I was using a serial-connected 

I suppose the best bet would be for someone to write something that is 
compatible with the newest LEGO SDK (and so would work with all of these 

Anyone out there in Squeak land interested?

Ned Konz

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