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Ned Konz ned at
Mon Jun 28 22:48:13 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 22 June 2004 4:03 pm, Doug Way wrote:
>     * refstream of ted
> Close call... I assume this is "[FIX] RefStrmObsolCls-tk" which was
> posted on 3-4-04.  This looks like a smallish enough change that perhaps
> it could be squeezed in for 3.7 if someone can give it a good review.

I see two possibilities:

(1) is the one you mentioned:

Change Set:		RefStrmObsolCls-tk
Date:			19 September 2003
Author:			Ted Kaehler

V2: stef: Changed Smalltalk by SystemNavigation default at the right place 
please check. It is really too late.

SmartReferenceStrm is in charge of converting reading in old .pr files and 
taking care of instances of classes that have changed shape.  It also handles 
obsolete classes.  It gives the user a chance to name a new class that old 
instances will be converted to.  
	In 2000 Bob Arning made major changes, but these were never extended to 
converting the instances of obsolete classes.  This changeSet fixes that.

(2) is an earlier one (actually, 2 change sets) that I think has quite a bit 
of merit:

Change Set:		ReshapedBlocksInCls-3pt6-di
Date:			1 October 2003
Author:			Dan Ingalls

This changeSet allows projects to be loaded even if they contain active 
methodContexts and blocks in classes whose instance variable offsets have 
changed.  Within reason, of course.  The cases handled are addition of new 
instance variables, removal of instance variables that are not referred to, 
and juggling of the order of the variables.  Cases that cannot be handled are 
treated pretty much as before, with a warning message citing the classes that 
have been reshaped to the point that their active blocks can not be set right 
in the receiving image.
	Ted K. modified one more method, to remove the warning when a project with a 
block is written.
	This version is for Squeak 3.6.
	A different version of this file works in Squeak 3.4

I'll look at both of these, but Ted's the expert here.

Ted, can you give us a hint on this?

I'd really like to get these fixes in 3.7...

Ned Konz

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