[BUG] Changing name project in SqueakSource and using Monticello

Samir Saidani saidani at info.unicaen.fr
Tue Jun 29 14:44:45 UTC 2004


I took a vanilla squeak image with only monticello browser and package
loader. When I try to add this repository :
http://kilana.unibe.ch:8888/Graphs or www.squeaksource.com/Graphs,
there is this error :
Could not access http://.../Graphs.
However I can see this project in squeaksource.
You can easily reproduce this bug !


>>>>> "Julian" == Julian Fitzell <julian at beta4.com> writes:

    Julian> I assume the repository URL changed when you renamed the
    Julian> project on squeaksource... have you created a new
    Julian> Monticello repository with that URL?  You should be able
    Julian> to open the new package from there (you can delete the old
    Julian> 'Graph' package from the MC browser.

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