strange monticello message when installing SmallWiki

Avi Bryant avi at
Wed Jun 30 20:17:28 UTC 2004

On Jun 30, 2004, at 1:03 PM, Martin Kuball wrote:

> Hi!
> Installed SmallWiki from SM into a fresh 5967 image. Somewhere in
> between I got the following message:
> 	Warning: prerequisite specified version 1.2 of Named process but
> 	version 1.2 is currently registered on SqueakMap. Incompatibilities
> 	might exist and cause problems.

That's not a Monticello message, that's a message from Stephen Pair's 
KomPackaging system, which is used by the various Comanche packages.  
Unfortunately Stephen's been busy with other things so those haven't 
been updated for a while, and there's some minor bit-rot like the above 
message.  I think you can just proceed through it without problems, 


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