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Ross Boylan RossBoylan at
Thu Mar 25 04:33:03 UTC 2004

Thanks for the pointers.
On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 11:48:45AM -0500, Doug Way wrote:
> Ross Boylan wrote:
> >...
> >P.S. As I have not been following developments closely for quite a
> >while, I had a browse to try to catch up.  But I could not find a
> >clean summary of the changes in the different versions of squeak since
> >3.2.   Any pointers?
> > 
> >
> The "Squeak Versions" page on the swiki (linked from the Download Squeak 
> page) is here:

Unfortunately, that lists the releases, but doesn't explain what
changes they contain.

Also, has some clues, but
stops at 3.4.  I also can't tell from it VM changes vs image changes.

I recall seeing that VM numbering had been decoupled from image
numbering, but I haven't been able to (re?)locate that statement.

> And this points to what you want, the Release Plan page on the SqF wiki:
> Unfortunately the SqF wiki seems to be down at the moment.  (I remember 
> Cees recently posted that the SqF box may have some interruptions this 
> week as they look into a recent problem.)

Yes, I had the same problem.

Can I combine any 3.* series image with any 3.* series VM?

If I get a new VM, do I want to take a new .sources file or any other
file?  My guess is no, because I need to keep my image file.  That
means, I think, I need to keep my .changes file, which in turn means I
need to keep the .sources.  (Also, maybe .sources doesn't change
between major releases?).

Instead, I suppose I should do the online update to get the latest
code changes... does that require any particular VM (this should be
the same as the question of whether any image file goes with any VM, I

P.S. Though all this talk of licenses is entertaining, if anyone could
answer my original question in this thread about debugging and
critical sections I'd really appreciate it.

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