3.7 moving to beta tomorrowish

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Tue Mar 30 23:57:12 UTC 2004


Concerning your project of allowing the ability to switch between underscore and := (which I'd really like to be done ...), I just found that there
is a preference which is "ansiAssignmentOperatorWhenPrettyPrinting", so if in case you didn't know, that might help you (browing the senders of #ansi... might help you locating places to change).

Coincidentally, I ran across that option shortly before your post, but I (sad to say) did not recognize it as being useful in this context.  I was more distressed to recall that color syntax highlighting (which I like) seems to be tied to pretty printing/formatting (which I do not generally like).

It sounds as though Yoshiki is closing on a solution, and it's probably best to let him work.  There is one potential caveat, which will give me an opportunity to display the true nature of my ignorance about unicode :)

An overly blunt way to look at unicode is that it offers us an opportunity to double the storage requirements for all of our text.  In fact, one device that I have encountered uses "unicode" (it likely predates the standards), and ends up doing precisely that - each character it sends is followed by a gratuitous zero, in a world where every byte truly counts thanks to bandwidth restrictions.

I understand the value of unicode, and want Squeak to embrace it.  However, is unicode something that many of us would want to disable most of the time?  I ask because, if true, we might want another solution to the underscore/:= collision.


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