BFAV for 3.8

karl.ramberg at karl.ramberg at
Mon Sep 20 08:40:16 UTC 2004

karl.ramberg at wrote:

> "Thomas Koenig" <tomkoenig at> wrote:

> > Will start looking at the problem.  Is it sufficient that I load the
> > latestet 3.8a ar do I need a special .st or .cs for m17
> > 
> I -think- the problem is the SWHTTPClient package that uses it's own 
> set of stream classes. All use of streams has changed with m17n, so 
> some changes have to be made to SWHTTPClient, too.

I no longer think SWHTTPClient is the faulty part.
I have looked at this again and it seems like everything works fine 
untill this method:
ArchiveRepository>>extractAndSaveAttachmentsForId: aNumberOrString
I have changed the use of RWBinaryOrTextStream to

stream _ RWBinaryOrTextStream with: part body content.


stream := MultiByteBinaryOrTextStream with: part body content.
stream converter: Latin1TextConverter new.

I still get a error :-(


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