[update] new website

Jason Rogers jacaetevha at fast-mail.org
Tue Aug 2 16:08:11 UTC 2005

Well, progress on the new website (http://www2.squeak.org:7777) is slow 
at best.  Summer seems to be a hard time to get much work done.  Many on 
the team have been busy with work schedules as well as vacation (I start 
mine in about 14 hours).

Some updates have occurred though:

    - new screenshots have been added, and some are on the block waiting 
to be added
    - a features list has been added & updated
    - download links have been updated
    - Goran is working on text for the main page
    - there have been some efforts to copy information from the old site 
to the new
    - all text changes are now being saved to an external file
    - a VNC connection was added to the server to enable remote 
debugging and development

In addition, Karl Ramberg did some investigation into the versions of 
SmallWiki and Squeak that we are using.  At this point our Squeak image 
is considered unstable (intermittent lock-ups, snapshot failures, 
etc.).  Also, the version of SmallWiki we are using does not support 
adding image resources to the website.  We are currently looking into 
options to rectify these errors (eg. a patched SmallWiki from the 
Seaside folks, running the site in VisualWorks instead of Squeak, 
abandoning SmallWiki etc.).

Hopefully we will have more (and better) news next month.

Jason Rogers

"I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I,
but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in 
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me, and gave himself for me."
    Galatians 2:20

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