Sounds in 3.7

Bill Schwab BSchwab at
Fri Aug 5 18:46:45 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I am using Dolphin to control an A/D board via Automation.  The signals
of interest are audio, so I thought it would be nice to arrange to play
them back over the sound card.  AFAIK, Dolphin's sound capabilities
assume one has  .wav file, so Squeak came to mind.  After some
endianness and sign snags, I got it working.  Some observations:

(1) the .wav files that Squeak saves will not play on my 2k boxes -
media player complains about an invalid decompressor;
(2) FWIW, I have created a sampled sound that plays differently via
#play and choosing the play command on a wave editor, it appears that
#viewSamples does not set the sampling rate to match that of the sampled


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