What do you think about Ruby ?

Dat T Nguyen thucdat at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 6 16:39:40 UTC 2005

Compare Ruby with Perl, Python, Lua, Java, C# etc. is more appropriate.
Smalltalk is unique since it is an IDE with its own language.

Every language has its own merit; Ruby, Perl, Python, Lua, etc.
experience a boom in the last decade. They can be used to solve small
and big things while Smalltalk is more for big apps. Some creators of
Smalltalk made a mistake in promoting Smalltalk as a tool for kids to
explore OOP; the latest book on Squeak reflects this fact and ignores
the commercial aspect of a development tool.

Even the name Smalltalk is ridiculous; it's not serious for big
corporation to endorse a small kids-tool for big business apps. Java and
C# achieved the popularity in a few years while Smalltalk had a head
start of 30 years and still has a very minor community.

Smalltalk veterans like Kent Beck and Eric Clayberg are swinging over
Java/Eclipse. A few Japanese technologists are contributing to
Smalltalk; but many other Japanese software gurus are overcrowded on
Ruby forum. Smalltalk is no doubt a pioneer.

A job search on Monster.com for Smalltalk yields a few lines, while Java
and C# would show pages. What do you want to be, a researcher or a bread
earner? HP allegedly let Alan Kay go recently; there is a time for
research and a time for business.

My 2 cents,

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Ruby   is  a  programming   language  which   seduce  more   and  more
developpers. It seems that the main programmer of Ruby was a Smalltalk
developper before and has tried to enhance Smalltalk.

However,  some Smalltalk  developers told  me  that ruby  has lots  of
design problems.

What do you think about Ruby ? Is it better ? Any advantages/drawbacks
with Smalltalk ?

Thank you

Damien Cassou
  pour le Software Composition Group a Berne

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