Some problem in Balloon True Type support

Prabhakar katlakunta katlakunta.prabhakar at
Mon Aug 8 05:35:58 UTC 2005

hi every one,
I am working on a project where i am building support for indic fonts in Squeak.
i am getting some problem while reading the glyphs into the squeak.
Squeak was  unable read all the glyphs properly. It is giving an empty
box instead of glyph at that Value in the table.

the code used to read the glyphs is

a_ TTFontDescription addFromTTFile:' c:\xyz.ttf '.
b_ TTSampleStringMorph font: a.
b string:( Character value:aNumber )asString.
b openInWorld. 

But when i open the glyphs with this code i could see all the glyph
properly and correctly.

TTFontReader openTTFFile:' c:\xyz.ttf '.
If any suggestions or any pointers pointed, will be appreciated.

Thanking you.


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