[ANN] Kabungu - a Squeak dependency engine (pre)

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Fri Aug 19 07:52:19 UTC 2005


karl <karl.ramberg at chello.se> wrote:
> Michal wrote:
> >hi Karl - 
> >
> >>I was going to test this but: The install option is not present in
> >>the SMLoader menu.

Well, I just installed Kabungu in my 3.8-6665-irc image, worked fine.
This leaves that image with this btw:
Array2D (1)
Atomic ((1.2))
IRCe (10.7.4)
Kabungu ((4.1))
MCInstaller (10)
Monticello (231)
nCompiler for 3.8 (20)
PackageInfo (18)
SARInstaller for 3.6 (28)
SmaCC Runtime (4)
SqueakMap2 base (1.01)
SqueakMap2 loader (1.02)
SUnit (3.1.22)
VersionNumber (1.0)

Anyway, if "install" isn't displayed - put a "self halt" in
SMLoader>>packageSpecificOptions and see why the SMPackage doesn't
answer true went sent "isInstallable". Because that is the reason for
the "install"-menu choice to disappear. But as I said, I see it in my
image - or otherwise I wouldn't have been able to install Kabungu -
which I will take a deep close look at btw. :)

regards, Göran

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