MouseOver in Linux

Damien Cassou cassou at
Sat Aug 20 14:41:31 UTC 2005

> It is a Morphic feature. If you move the cursor to a different morph, 
> that different morph will receive events (also typing from keyboard). 
> Morphs are selfish entities. They will handle all the events which they 
> receive regardless of the rest of the world.
> Such an architecture is not very flexible because it is then hard to 
> achieve more complicated cooperation among morphs belonging to the same 
> "window" such as
> - which of all the morphs should receive a key-press when key was 
> pressed in any morph belonging to the same window
> - which other morph should be focused when you press TAB or Shift+TAB
> - keybindings to activate various morphs (press buttons, focus text fields)
> - ...
> Reasonable way is to redesign the Morphic so that Mediator patter will 
> be employed.
> - There will be per window ``mediator'' implementing complex interaction 
> policy. It will know about all the morphs (colleagues) belonging to that 
> window.
> - Morphs will be ``colleagues'', not knowing of each other. They are 
> aware solely of the ``mediator''. They should forward all the events 
> they receive to ``mediator'' which will decide what actions should be taken.
> I do not know of any simpler (non-ad-hoc) solution.

Bad news, thanks you for the explanation

Damien Cassou
  pour le Software Composition Group a Berne

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