environments vs. files

Lex Spoon lex at lexspoon.org
Sat Aug 20 05:16:36 UTC 2005

I am not sure I follow the discussion, but I want to emphasize that
sharing code via files is at least as easy for Smalltalkers as it is for
people who use file-based language environments.  Not only is it easy to
transmit a class around via file-outs, but we can just as easily
transmit individual methods, change sets, and entire Monticello
packages.  It's right no the menu -- just point do something and say
"file out".

Two things I will grant are that Squeak has not developed neither good
interactions with operating system approaches to executables nor good
tools for building deployments.  There is nothing stopping us from
making the existing file-based scripts (i.e., put #!/usr/bin/squeakvm --
at the top of the file and away you go) go even more smoothly, and
nothing is stopping us from making it easy to deplay Squeak programs to
non-Squeakers.  These deficiencies impress me almost as much as the
complete lack of image-based environments for other dynamic languages. 
The technology is known, and it's useful, so why hasn't anyone bothered
to do it?


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