Colin Putney cputney at
Mon Aug 22 12:59:15 UTC 2005

> 2005/8/20, Stefan Krecher <stefan at>:
>i got a question regarding Squeak-Sourcecode-Management.
>Parts of a current project i'm working on are developed with Squeak,
>other parts with Java, C and C++.  All Sources of the project are
>managend in a svn-repository. I used to check in the Squeak-Changesets
>but actually i'm looking for a better way to do the
>Is there a way to directly work with svn with squeak? Are there better
>ways to manage sources? Could Monticello somehow be integrated with

Hi Stefan,

Julian's suggestion to use MonticelloCVS was a good one, it would be an 
improvement on your current system with virtually no work.

If you want to put in a little more work for a better result, I have 
another suggestion: have a look at the work that the Tweak guys have 
done with configuration maps in MC. If you were to check a configuration 
map into svn, you could use it to synchronize your MC packages with the 
external sources maintained in svn.

So your work cycle would look something like this:

1. Check the source out of svn.

2. Load the config map in Squeak, thereby loading the correct MC packages.

3. Do development work

4. Save your MC packages to the MC repository.

5. Write a new version of the config map in to your svn working copy.

6. Commit the new config map to svn.

Hope this helps,


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