internal or external, that is the question

Michael Rueger michael at
Sun Aug 28 13:01:03 UTC 2005

Andreas Raab schrieb:

> Also, the set of maintainers has been working together in some form or 
> other for almost ten years now and you should at least consider the 
> possibility that there are reasons for why things are the way they are. 

But, it also makes it incredibly hard for people outside that exclusive 
circle to participate. If you force people to use file releases instead 
of a shared repository there can be no meaningful community 
participation in the process.
For instance, if people would like to explore the recently submitted 
alternate unix socket implementation they need to send around files 
instead of pointing people to branch XYZ of the repository.

And, certain VM platform versions have lagged for months in the past as 
there are single person responsibilities.


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