Partitioning the image (was Re: Shrinking sucks!)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Mon Feb 7 07:24:27 UTC 2005

Hi all

We have been discussing with colin about the next step for packages and 
Alex is working on introducing a real package class (with a lot of 
information/annotations) and he is building a new package centric 
browser on top of OB. He will release that soon and ask for feedback 
and help.
  I think that having a good browser and real packages (supporting 
comments) and supporting package renaming are the preliminary to be 
efficient curving packages out of the image. So we are getting there.


On 7 févr. 05, at 6:30, Doug Way wrote:

> Basically, the Package concept needs to be more available in the UI.  
> There should be a package-centric browser.  The MC Snapshot Browser is 
> pretty much the right UI for this, but it might be nice to have it 
> available outside of MC, just operating on code in the image.  (But if 
> Basic already includes MC, well, I guess the Snapshot Browser could be 
> used.  But make it available from the Package List via a "browse 
> package" menu item and in other places.)

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