ClosureCompiler and ScaledDecimals

Marcus Denker denker at
Mon Feb 7 15:52:23 UTC 2005

Am 07.02.2005 um 16:21 schrieb Brent Pinkney:

>> The latest version on SqueakSource (project compiler) now has support 
>> for Scaled Decimals.
> Does is have support for decompiing its BlockClosures yet ?

Not yet. But I'm starting to look again into that.

What now works is decompiling non-closure code to the IRBuilder 
(This is nice to do transformations on bytecode... which in turn is 
useful for doing
strange things without having to modify the vm).

On the todo list are

  -> check bytecode-to-IR for closures
  -> fix IR to AST for closure
  -> fix IR to AST for non-closure  (nearly done)
  -> implement better error messages
  -> and then lots of testing.

This would then be the point were it could be added to the image.
After that:

  -> look in speeding up the compilation (but  it will always be slower 
then the
       old compiler, as it does more. e.g. building up IR graph)
  -> package up the old compiler for SqueakMap, remove it from the image.


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