[FIX] PhonemeRecognizeMorphFix-dd

dominiqued at versateladsl.be dominiqued at versateladsl.be
Wed Feb 16 21:48:31 UTC 2005

from preamble:

"Change Set:		PhonemeRecognizeMorphFix-dd
Date:			16 February 2005
Author:			Dominique Dutoit

- Failed to play a sound while the recognizer was running. Stop the
recognizer before playing a phoneme.
- makeTile returned a unimplemented method. Map mouthPosition method to
PhonemeRecognizerMorph>>getMouthPosition and categorize it as 'e-toy
- Add a menu item to get some help. Return the class comment in a
- The morph background was much smaller than the size of its content.
Fix morph width and height.
- Fix typo in the comment of the
PhonemeRecognizerMorph>>selectPhonemeFromMenu and in menu names."!
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