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Sun Feb 20 17:25:27 UTC 2005

Pavel's proposed image is quite a good match to the Byte / Tinney original,
down to the style, colors and even the angle the balloon has assumed as it
overcomes the winds of change.  In fact, except for being much clearer and
the addition of the "Squeak" script, the only substantial difference is the
loss of the passengers visible in the original.  (I can't quite make them
out from the online artwork but it looks like it *could* have been Alan, Dan
and Adele piloting the figurative as well as the actual effort.)



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> It's based on the original BYTE cover
> (
If people _really_ insist on using a balloon image I'd much prefer to
use the original and by far the best; it is in the public domain (at
least effectively so) since ObjectShare bought the copyright from Tinney
and have granted use rights to all.

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