Improving Squeak's Mutlimedia

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Mon Feb 21 03:37:58 UTC 2005


> Well, I guess I was exagerating a little bit here. For each frame you 
> want to encode or decode you have normally one library call. The 
> processing inside the lib takes on the order of some milliseconds For 
> NTSC it should be less than 40 if you want to have real time. So what 
> time does FFI add to this?
> By the way I thought that croquet uses FFI to to the OpenGL access. 

  I guess the bigger issue is where the "execution state" is
maintained.  With FFI, Squeak side cannot do too much.  You probably
would like to start a few threads outside of Squeak to decode the
video stream, but it would be really cumbersome to control these
threads via FFI.  (Imagine to write SocketPlugin without C code
support. or a multi person (n > 2) video conferencing seesion of some

  I think it makes more sense to provide semi-platform independent
layer in a plugin, and use it from Squeak.

  Yes, Brad, I'd be interested in the multimedia group.

-- Yoshiki

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