To Traits Or Not To Traits (Was: Re: Stefs roadmap for 3.9, time to get it nailed down)

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Thu Feb 24 09:36:48 UTC 2005

> That is true, but on the other hand 3.9 is more or less in the
> "beginning" because not much has gone in since it was opened up - more
> or less only Diego's look AFAIK.
> But this is moot because IMHO, as Cees described in more detail, Traits
> needs a longer period of digestion IMHO. I mean, when we have a beta of
> the Traits that is meant to be the Real And True version :) - then we
> can all play with it and see how it works etc. And then, we can start
> thinking about including it into the official Basic image.

to my opinion, in three weeks from now traits browsers will be ready.
besides that all the rest is working. Even when you recompile a method 
a debugger you recompile in the right place (traits or classes).

> But this only works if Traits *can* be implemented as a package. I 
> still
> don't know that. Nathanael?

Why as a package? I do not understand why you are saying that?
And tired toooo.

Bootstrapping the kernel is not something that you can do in a package.
Or you will complain that traits are not integrated you cannot have the
butter and the money for the butter. 

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