Stefs roadmap for 3.9, time to get it nailed down

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Fri Feb 25 08:36:47 UTC 2005

>> You see Yoshiki this is big kick in our ... to make sure that what we
>> will deliver
>> is at the quality we dream about :) and squeakers like you deserve. 
>> Else
>> this would be an embarasment for us.
>   Not that I'm pretending to be a nice guy.  The inquiries from Göran
> and Cees to you (guys), and the answers from you guys helped me to
> clarify some of the questions I had.

Just ask if you want more.

>   Also, I'd note again that I also want to have an "official" image
> that is in "real, real maintainance mode."  Just bug fixes.  A version
> that can be used for a basis and reference point.

Me too. I would feel really bad if we would deliver something bad or 

>   A version that might be called "3.9" could be something like this,
> and probably something that could be called 4.x can have somewhat
> aggressive changes.

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