the meaning of it all

Olivier Vasseur vasseo01 at
Fri Feb 25 14:37:31 UTC 2005

I was thinking of the meaning of life, the universe
and everything, when suddenly… 
er , well,  not really. I was actually working on the
French translation for Squeak. Most of it has been
done for some time, but there were some 300 phrases
left to translate. I did most of it, but I can’t grasp
the meaning of a handful of phrases. The language
editor has been useful to trace phrases in methods and
find out what they were about  ( « peaks » is the name
of a sound, « measure lines » belongs to the
vocabulary of musical notation, and so on).
 But for some phrases I’m still stuck. I like playing
around with Squeak, but I’m not a professional
programmer, not even a good amateur (I’m  a
translator, actually) so I guess some of my questions
will seem quite naive. I need to know what the
following phrases refer to before translating them  (I
give the class and method when I have them):
  *  Many many thanks to Yoshiki for the language
editor, but… some phrases from  the  editor interface
are not translated (they do not appear in the list of
phrases to translate): « there are no methods with the
string »,« there are no match for » 
 *    what does « Flex » refers to ?
 *    what is « add pin »? :FunctionComponent
addCustomMenuItems:hand :
* what is « vertical pan » ? anything to do with
vertical cooking ? :) (GradientFillMorph
addCustomMenuItems:hand: )
* « passing color » and « blocking colour»
(ScreeningMorph addCustomMenuItems:hand: )
* « end clip here » what is a ‘clip’  in this context?
(MoviePlayerMorph invokeBookMenu)
* « get sound from lib » ( EnvelopeEditorMorph
addCustomMenuItems:hand: ) Does ‘lib’ stand for
'library' (and if it does, what is this sound
* « World scale and clip …»seems to be a menu, but I
can’t find where it is and what it does.
*  « start keyboard navigation with this thread »
(InternalThreadNavigationMorph moreCommands ) What is
a « thread » in this context ?
* « die » I just have this single world in the
language editor with no references… Any idea about
what it can mean in Squeak ?
* same problem with « diffuse » and « ton »

And finally, a few remarks on the castaways :
-  Verne’s balloon  DID eventually crash … so maybe we
should forget the metaphor after all.
- the castaways discover that the island is secretly
ruled by Captain Nemo… Does this mean there’s a secret
Squeak ruler ? :)
-people who quote a French author cannot be completely
- the whole thing is quite exciting, since I’ve never
been able to understand so many messages in the list…
usually,  2 posts out of 3 are too technical for me :)
vive Squeak !

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