Port of AbstractSound framework to VW

Shaping shaping at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 24 06:05:13 UTC 2005

Hi everyone.

I'm porting John Maloney's Abstract framework to VW 7.3.  John, are you here?

I have some questions about how to do this.  There are some Squeak primitives 
involved, and I'm wondering whether these must be implemented in VW first using 
the userprim stuff in the VW bin\win\userprim directory.  I could use some 
perspective and guidance on what is required here.

I need only clean digital audio.  STP says that the DA in Siren works but pops 
because callbacks are not quite fast enough.  Does anyone know whether the 
AbstractSound framework has solved this problem?

Briefly, I need to produce pop-free, 44.1 KHz, 16-bit amplitude sounds by 
creating waves in real-time.  The intent is to build an array in real-time 
containing the wave, and send this as .wav structure to the sound card, but I 
don't want to have to create a .wave file.  I know that there are some buffer 
swaps involved, and I'm assuming that the framework takes care of this. 
Suggestions are welcome.


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