Automatic Startup

David T. Lewis lewis at
Fri Mar 11 19:55:33 UTC 2005

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 02:21:35PM -0500, Jason Rogers wrote:
> Alexander Lazareviæ wrote:
> >If you install a VNC[1][2] server on your Linux
> >machine you can have squeak running headfull (with a display), but the
> >display will only be visible using a VNC client (eg. on another
> >machine). So you can attach/detach a display to squeak whenever you
> >want.
> >
> I am curious about these statements.  I would like to understand fully 
> what you mean.  Do you mean to start Squeak on a display other than 0:0 
> (in which case you would have to have the VNC server started first)?  If 
> so, I understand how to do this.  However, if you mean that you can 
> start Squeak headfull on the default display and then willy-nilly 
> connect to it in Linux I am perplexed how you would accomplish this.  As 
> far as I understand VNC servers in Linux (which is little) you cannot 
> set up a server to share the default display.  If on the other hand you 
> mean that you can tell a running Squeak image to switch its display to 
> some other display I am even more lost.  How would that be accomplished 
> in Linux?  I am not picking at your statement here.  I truly am curious 
> about how to accomplish this.

You could do that with OSProcess. Presumably you could make this an
administrative function in a Seaside application if you wanted to
occasionally reopen the display on an X server (enter password, specify
X display, click OK).

  "Connect the Squeak display to a different X window display"
  OSProcess thisOSProcess displayOnXServer: ''

  "Connect to the local X display"
  OSProcess thisOSProcess displayOnXServer: 'unix:0'

  "Make Squeak go headless for five seconds, then reappear"
  OSProcess thisOSProcess decapitate.
  (Delay forSeconds: 5) wait.
  OSProcess thisOSProcess recapitate.


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