PortAudio Port Help Request

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Tue Nov 1 18:43:33 UTC 2005

Anyone interested in working with me on porting PortAudio 
(http://portaudio.com/) to Squeak? I've never built a primitive before 
although I've gotten the Linux 3.8 VM to build using VMMaker (whew.) So, 
if you have experience in this area, that would be an added bonus!

I want to start on Linux first using v19 preferably with the JACK 
(http://jackit.sourceforge.net/) interface,. But ALSA 
(http://alsa-project.org/) would be fine for now. Linux primarily 
because of the free C tools - I have no C tools for Windows or Mac. But, 
if someone would like to help and start with Windows, I could get tools. 
(I don't have a MAC at my disposal right now. But, if you'd like to 
start on MAC, I could potentially get one.)

Please let me know online or off if you're interested. I think it would 
make a great addition to the usefulness of Squeak for audio and video.



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