Merging FileArea and WebTeam? (was Re: Pending Mac Carbon VM 3.8.9b7 posted)

goran at goran at
Thu Nov 3 07:09:55 UTC 2005

Hi guys!

IMHO the STTCPW is to merge these two Teams since updating the file area
often should also lead to updates to the website and that the file area
Team/task is so small in practice (most of the time).

This would also mean that more people can assist with the file area when
Bruce is unavailable. I still think it is wise to have a single person
as "responsible" for the file area *layout* though (I am a great
believer in personal responsibility) - so if the above sounds fine then
I think Bruce is still our man for that - operating within the WebTeam.
If as I said this sounds fine to you Bruce! :)

Deal? Jason and Bruce needs to agree, and Ken needs to get a notice that
we go for this in order to update the Team table etc.

regards, Göran

PS. Btw, can someone please verify that the instruction works not only for me?
We should also have a "mirrors" section on the website, given that we
have at least one of course. :)

Ken Causey <ken at> wrote:
> OK, well there is a team for that too.  The Website Team. And contact
> information for them can be found on that page as well.  So this issue
> should probably be brought to the attention of both.  Or maybe the
> FileArea Team would be responsible for notifying the Website Team when a
> link on the site needs updating, or maybe the FileArea Team would be
> also a part of the Website Team and be responsible for file links on the
> website directly. ;)  Clearly we are still working out the procedures on
> this sort of thing.
> Ken
> On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 12:39 -0800, John M McIntosh wrote:
> > Yes, but the web site needs to be altered too since it points to a =20
> > particular VM.
> > I also posted to the list just in case someone noticed some odd =20
> > behaviour with the 3.8.9b7 VM and had forgotten to email me
> > with the issue.
> >=20
> > On 1-Nov-05, at 12:24 PM, Ken Causey wrote:
> >=20
> > > Updating the FTP site is the task of the FileArea team (the list of
> > > teams can be found at which
> > > currently consists of Bruce O'Neel.  Maybe it's time this became a
> > > larger team with a mailing list?
> > >
> > > Ken

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