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Cees De Groot cdegroot at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 12:57:03 UTC 2005

On 11/3/05, Juan Vuletich <jmvsqueak at uolsinectis.com.ar> wrote:
> My team should produce versions of: Morphic,MorphicExtras, Etoys,
> FlexibleVocabularies, Nebraska, StarSqueak.
> These are the main parts that the old big Morphic package was broken in.
Ok - note that we've done a lot of work to these as part of the
current toolbuilder/plusttools integration of 3.9a, so you might want
to take a peek at the versions in the 39a repository.

> BTW, is there anything written about how to publish new versions of a
> package? I would need some hints (i.e. url, userid, pwd). What happens
> if someone needs to modify a package he does not stweard? Are there
> restrictions on who can update what?
The "rules" are (quoted, because this is how I think it should work
and most here seem to agree, but nothing final and official):

- You develop/maintain your packages in your own repository. Typically
(preferrably) this is a project on source.squeakfoundation.org which
is created on request (check the site who the admins are) and where,
typically, the team leader is project admin. The use of
source.squeakfoundation.org is recommended because it is not
impossible that we'll extend the version of squeaksource running there
to accommodate specific tasks for the teams/integrators model.

- When the team decides a version is ready for public consumption, the
team publishes it in the inbox of source.squeakfoundation.org -
everyone can write to that box. Dropping a note to the 3.9a
maintainers is considered polite.

- The 3.9a maintainers try to load the package in their latest image.
If it loads, the package gets moved to the 39a repository and the next
batch of updates will contain it. If it doesn't load, you'll get a
notification and you can re-try yourself and fix it.

(of course, where I write '3.9a' read 'the current alpha release')

For patches on released versions e.g. because of Mantis bug reports,
it is still the old method with changesets sent by mail to the update
stream maintainer (which is ...?). When 3.9 gets released, the
procedure above will likely stay the same but the requirements will
get more strict. Quite likely, the integration team will not just test
for loadability, but also run all unit tests and require they're all
green or something like that before accepting a package.



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