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Peter Moore pmoore at
Fri Nov 4 21:52:58 UTC 2005


I don't see much point in supporting OpenAL 1.1 until OSX and Linux  
versions are available. We need to improve the current plugin for  
OpenAL 1.0 and finish up a nice framework for 3D sound in Croquet  
before we can worry about 1.1.


On Nov 3, 2005, at 6:35 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:

> Mark P. McCahill wrote:
>> On Mar 13, 2005, at 3:26 AM, karl wrote:
>>> Brad Fuller wrote:
>>>> The Game Developers Conference ended this week and Creative  
>>>> discussed OpenAL 1.1. This new version includes some extensions  
>>>> that may be beneficial to me and potentially to others. In a  
>>>> previous msg Mark mentioned that OpenAL plugins have been made  
>>>> and are used in Croquet. I have a few questions:
>>>> * How can Squeak users obtain the plugins and use it in our  
>>>> current images?
>>> There are several changesets in this folder
>>> I think the main stuff are in
>>> 0214OpenAL.cs
>>> The plugin in various platform versions is in
>>> I dont know how much massaging this is going to need file into a  
>>> 3.8 image.
>>> Karl
>> If someone wants to try this, let me know. The developers here at the
>> University of Minnesota will do what we can to help, but our main
>> focus is Croquet.
>>>> * How can OpenAL plugins be integrated into 3.9 to be available  
>>>> for all?
>> I'm still wondering what the process is to get things like this  
>> added.
>>>> * Has there been any discussion regarding extending the plugins  
>>>> to OpenAL v1.1?
>> The interesting part of the press release said:
>>    "The newly proposed OpenAL 1.1 specification will feature three
>>     primary improvements over the current version: audio recording
>>     functionality for use with in-game voice chat; an offset feature
>>     that will allow developers finer control over audio playback;
>>     and an additional volume fall off model that will save developers
>>     effort in customizing their audio engine. OpenAL 1.1 will be
>>     available for developers in summer 2005."
>> Voice chat is something we deeply care about for the Croquet work we
>> are doing. Right now, for live chat we are copying the bits that
>> make up the audio more than we would like, and end up with more  
>> latency
>> than is optimal. It would be nice if there was a squeak VM primitive
>> that easily allowed for buffer objects optimized for being low- 
>> latency
>> so we could hand pointers to the buffer to the OpenAL playback. We  
>> have
>> been thinking about looking into this approach but are are not yet
>> actively doing anything about it.  It sounds like there could be
>> another approach in OpenAL 1.1, but I'm not clear on when that code
>> will be available from the OpenAL people.
> Hi Mark,
> I just learned from Creative that version 1.1 for windows is out.  
> Are you aware?
> Bob from apple indicated (on the OpenAL user list) that he has no  
> target date, but is currently working on the mac version.
> No word yet on the Linux version.
> Is your team still interested in updating to the 1.1 version? if  
> so, what's the status?
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