About underscores

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at univ-savoie.fr
Mon Nov 7 07:05:17 UTC 2005


>> I'm going to apply your fixing underscore gradually all the  
>> packages and I suspect that since it requires
>> compiling the methods we may have problems (that we fixed with  
>> issuing cs instead of managing the changes via MC packages).
> What problems? Not sure what you mean.

Load order (that we fix by loading one change and saving an image  
then loading another MC file).
So if we recompile everything the diffing of MC will try to load  
everything and we may have these problems again.

>> Now I want to make sure that we agree on two points:
>>     - fixing the fonts to get _ when we type _ is one
>>     - using := for assignment is another
> Right.

I just wanted to make sure that I understood your email in squeak-dev  
ie the two aspects.

>> The second one is quite important since we should have a policy  
>> for the code before of conflict and consistency.
>> Is my assumption correct that we should use := in the code?
> I'm the wrong one to ask. It's a policy decision - something which  
> requires more discussion on squeak-dev, IMHO.

I know this is why I asked the last time in squeak-dev (but I wanted  
to be sure I understand your answer the last time
and the purpose of your code).  I'm sure that in 2 months some guys  
will complain anyway.

> We want to make sure that old code with _ can be filed in.

Sure. I think that for now if we could have _ replaced by := and _  
displayed as _ and not arrow this is enough.



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