FFI, ODBC and mysterious crashes

Simon Kirk Simon.Kirk at pinesoft.co.uk
Mon Nov 7 13:37:11 UTC 2005

Cees De Groot wrote:

>On 11/7/05, Simon Kirk <Simon.Kirk at pinesoft.co.uk> wrote:
>> Don't panic :) -3 is the ODBC API constant for a null-terminated string
>>(SQL_NTS) - so it's perfectly valid - it just makes the driver manager
>>(and/or driver) read the string values being sent up until the first null
>>terminator character (and for the record I did check in gdb that all the
>>strings had the required null termination character - they all did). I did
>>wonder whether I should explain that when I posted, and forgot to mention
>>it. Ahem. I did try the call with a fixed-length description as well (ie
>>putting the real lengths in instead of using the SQL_NTS constant) but it
>>made no difference.
>Ok. Should've remembered that (I wrote these damn drivers for a
>living) but luckily I seem to have forgotten most of that awful stuff
>So much for the simple explanation :)
Heh, how I wish it was that: but I think I've eliminated every simple 
explanation. I'm still hopeful that I've missed something simple though, 
to prevent a complicated solution ;)

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