Ken Causey ken at
Tue Nov 8 20:50:19 UTC 2005

I want to remind everyone that we now have a dedicated moderated mailing
list for announcements at announcements at (the
archives and subscription information can be found at


Whenever you have an announcment to make consider whether or not it
should also be sent to this list in addition to the Squeak-Dev list.
The purpose of this list is to provide an information source to those
who cannot afford to follow the Squeak-Dev list but still would like to
be informed of significant developments in the Squeak community.  If
your announcement is primary targeted at the core community who are
already subscribed to the Squeak-Dev list then it's probably not
necessary to also send it to the Announcements list.  However if you
would like your announcement to be received by a wider audience consider
sending it to both the Squeak-Dev and Announcements lists.


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