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Wed Nov 9 15:27:50 UTC 2005

We are just putting the final touches on a 350 lb six axis articulating robot for industrial use.  The control is in Cadsm created by Aik-Siong Koh Phd. Mech. Engineering, Los Alamos NM USA.  Cadsm, is written in VW.  Our goal is to teach the world how to replace themselves with robotics.  This is not to put everyone out of work but to allow us "all" to work with our brains not our braun.

All those who are interested in this let us know and we will send you pics, videos etc. and what you can do to join the team.  I think we will be able to work hand-in-hand with Alan Kay and his group at MIT who are working to create millions of affordable laptops for the world. Laptops and robots can eliminate world poverty in short order.  And with all those brains now "not going" to waste who knows what kind of trouble we can create. HeHeHeHe!

We have been watching the Squeak-dev for a couple of years now and we think it is a good group. We want to put our effort in with you soon.

Chuck Smith 
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