(newbee) Problem with PluggableListMorph

Marcus Pedersén marcus.pedersen at comhem.se
Wed Nov 9 19:56:46 UTC 2005

I have a problem with a PluggableListMorph. If I remove an item in my list the GUI is not updated and still shows the removed item.
Perhaps I'm using the wrong methods?
a PluggableListMorph (pLM).

| collection |
collection := pLM getList.
collection copyWithoutIndex: (pLM getCurrentSelectionIndex).
pLM list: collection.

If I inspectIt (the code) I see that the removed item is gone in the list and if I inspect on the GUI I see that the item is gone as well.
But it is still present in the visual list(GUI). For some reason the GUI is not updated.
What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance!
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