OggVorbis player

Enrico Schwass deckard73 at freenet.de
Thu Nov 10 17:08:52 UTC 2005


> >> I wanted to know what is the status of the OggVorbis player since  
> >> we  said that we would include it in the full version of
> >> 3.9 if it was ready.
> > Why would you include an OggVorbis player into the standard image  
> > of Squeak ? Is it important for a lot of people ?
> > Developers need a dedicated image without a lot of things in the  
> > base image.
> Stéphane is talking about the "full" image, otherwise known as  
> "kitchen-sink" ...

Dont know if the player should be in the standard image, but it would be
cool to have a set of library functions that could be used within the
standard image. And a player isnt much more. I really love the idea to
stream vorbis content in a squeak environment. And croquet could use
this low bitrate high quality format, too. Croquet is using openal if i
remember right. And I just found this link


This sounds like a good starting point, but I could be wrong


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