IBM se molesta en Seaside ?

Giovanni Giorgi giovanni.giorgi at
Fri Nov 11 23:40:56 UTC 2005

On 11/nov/05, at 17:48, Andres Valloud wrote:

> Hello Ron,
> Friday, November 11, 2005, 9:19:34 AM, you wrote:
> RT> Rusted at the station!!??
> However, language differences shouldn't matter if what is provided to
> the business is easier to maintain, faster to develop, and has less
> ownership costs.  Just like the same paragraph says, right?
I agree.
I am a true storng Squeak and Seaside fan, I have used  seaside when  
first showed up.

But I like much more the Rails "pragmatic" attitude, although I am a  
theoric one and love a lot some of the discussion we do in squeak  
dev, sometimes.
bye bye

In ufficio, sto spiegando ad una collega come ci organizzeremo per
rilasciare il nostro lavoro:
Io:"Bhe supponiamo che io ho pronto il mio lavoro. Allora marco la mia
versione dei file e..."
Lei:"Marco? Marco chi?"
Io(con aria interrogativa):"?!?!?"
Lei:"Chi e' sto Marco?"

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