OggVorbis player

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Nov 12 07:30:09 UTC 2005

Hi russell

I can ensure you that if you work on the resources and clearing the  
multi media
part we will use your code.

> The current status of the Ogg code hasn't changed from what is on  
> SqueakMap.
> I got distracted by real-life and a desire to come up with a Resource
> framework to handle all the different types of media. I looked at
> integrating to the Sound framework that is in Squeak and was turned  
> off
> completely.

I can understand.

> IMHO Squeak should have the Multimedia title removed and replaced with
> Multi-Spaghetti. Yes it can use lots of different media as long as  
> you know
> exactly what type it is first and figure out where that reader is  
> in the
> hierarchy (and hope it was finished and not just hacked for one  
> person's
> benefit). As Squeak has evolved, the Multimedia part has devolved.

I'm not sure that the evolution is the problem, may be original lack  
of design
or simply the lack of refactoring after the first draft.

> I posted a Resource framework a while back to get some comments if  
> it would
> gain acceptance and heard nothing back.

I'm sorry but I missed it.

> I have just looked at VisualWorks
> 7.3.1 and saw they have almost exactly the same idea finished! I am  
> going to
> explore a bit further with a view of doing something similar for  
> Squeak but
> I must admit I am discouraged by the lack of interest of the movers  
> and
> shakers of this community.

I share with you this feeling. Some people do not value elegance but  
stuff that
works now.
However if we do not do anything then nothing will happen. this is  
why I'm spending time
taking care of harvesting and integrating good assets. I'm for  
example waiting for the services.


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