OggVorbis player

karl karl.ramberg at chello.se
Sat Nov 12 17:57:08 UTC 2005

stéphane ducasse wrote:

> Hi russell
> I can ensure you that if you work on the resources and clearing the  
> multi media
> part we will use your code.
>> The current status of the Ogg code hasn't changed from what is on  
>> SqueakMap.
>> I got distracted by real-life and a desire to come up with a Resource
>> framework to handle all the different types of media. I looked at
>> integrating to the Sound framework that is in Squeak and was turned  off
>> completely.
> I can understand.
>> IMHO Squeak should have the Multimedia title removed and replaced with
>> Multi-Spaghetti. Yes it can use lots of different media as long as  
>> you know
>> exactly what type it is first and figure out where that reader is  in 
>> the
>> hierarchy (and hope it was finished and not just hacked for one  
>> person's
>> benefit). As Squeak has evolved, the Multimedia part has devolved.
> I'm not sure that the evolution is the problem, may be original lack  
> of design
> or simply the lack of refactoring after the first draft.
Another thing we lack is a team for sound packages.

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