modification of ContextPart?

Bryce Kampjes bryce at
Sun Nov 13 11:09:28 UTC 2005

Alexandre Bergel writes:
 > Hi Michael!
 > The pseudo thisContext does a stack reification. I do not understand  
 > why you want to add a new variable in MethodContext. I understood  
 > that you wanted to avoid to use thisContext because it is time  
 > consuming.

The push active context bytecode is very cheap in Squeak. This isn't
true in VisualWorks. That's because Squeak doesn't have VisualWork's
context cache stack. We pay with slower sends but gain in simplicity
and fast access to the current context.

Have a look at Interpreter>>pushActiveContextBytecode.

I'm looking at adding a new context type to represent compiled blocks
at the moment. That's why I'm spending this weekend digging through
how blocks currently work in 3.8.


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