[noob] Using a TransformMorph

Chris Muller chris at funkyobjects.org
Mon Nov 14 18:12:20 UTC 2005

> When inactive, I want it to shrink down to a thumbnail that can live on my
> squeak desktop - like Projects do. When it's in thumbnail mode, I want
> mouseover to cause it to expand slightly, and contract back to thumbnail
> size when the mouse leaves.

I tried this with Maui; a preference setting causes MauiMorphs to slightly grow
on mouse-enter and shrink back when it leaves.  However, I decided I didn't
like it so the preference is left off by default but I believe it works if you
turn it on.

The problem was, as you have MauiMorphs scattered across your screen, there is
all this "jumping around" of the MauiMorphs just by moving the mouse pointer
around to get where I'm going..

By using the context menu, every MauiMorph can assume a thumbnail view or any
number of other views that you have defined by visually composing the Morph (a
naked object).

Maui can be downloaded from SqueakSource, if you want to take a look and have
any questions, just let me know.

Welcome to Squeak!

 - Chris

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