RemoteFrameBuffer and VNC Problems on Squeak3.8

Samir Saidani saidani at
Tue Nov 15 21:58:01 UTC 2005

Hi martin,

This bug has already been reported here :

Client side broken with Squeak 3.8.6667
Squeak VNC Client -> Squeak VNC Server : client displays nothing
X VNC Client -> Squeak VNC Server : ok
Squeak VNC Client -> X VNC Server : ok (!)

tested with Squeak 3.7
Squeak VNC Client -> Squeak VNC Server : ok.


martin schubert <martin.schubert at> writes:

> hi out there,
> i am struggling with getting VNC with RemoteFrameBuffer working.
> 1st problem (Blank RFBViewer Window after succesful connection):
> a) i installed squeak3.8 on different machines and operating systems 
> (Mac os x, Windows).
> b) i fired up a RemoteFrameBufferServer with : RFBServer start.
> c) i try to connect a client RFBViewer to the Machine.
> d) connection goes well.
> e) i have a blank RFBViewer window but i can see the movements of the  
> cursor in the Window of the server but not on the client.
> 2nd problem (can`t get the RFBServer running on Debian Gnu Linux):
> a) i installed squeak on a debian server with apt-get.
> b) then i saved an image on the mac os x with squeak 3.8 and a  
> running RemoteFrameBufferServer.
> c) copied the *.image and *.changes file to the server.
> d) started the image with :~$ squeak -verbose -headless -nosound - 
> image Squeak3_8_Seaside.image on the debian server.
> e) recognize no RFBServer is running with nmap. and so i can`t  
> connect to it with RFBViewer.
> i am very grateful for any help!
> best
> martin

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