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Tue Nov 15 22:22:02 UTC 2005


Looks really slick. Have you considered making it a Scrum tool, with 
burndown charts, iterations, backlog etc? A Scrum tool that would be 
easily hackable by a Scrum team would be awesome. All the existing Scrum 
tools are limited or not customizable, or too difficult to customize. 
The tool we use at the moment is written in perl - yuck!!!

You wouldn't need to use Scrum jargon, just need to be able to put tasks 
into sub projects, split tasks up into smaller tasks, and have 
estimations on each task. The burndown has to be done over time, so you 
would have to track estimation history.


Cees De Groot wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ken has been playing the 'customer' for my Nags package and came up
> with a whole list of suggestions/ideas/... - I implemented a bunch of
> them, and also added some CSS to make the thing more palatable to the
> eye.
> Demo is still running on
> If you have ideas, check the current todo's in the Nags categories for
> duplicates; if they're not there, add todos. Note that the focus for
> the time being for Nags' functionality is 'project management' rather
> than bug management. I can't pin down the difference, but it's a real
> difference ;). So please make your suggestions in that vain. I'd like
> to have a lot of items appearing on that list, this is a project
> that'll be done in dogfood mode and filling up the db is one way to
> test the functionality.
> Regards,
> Cees

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