[JOB] Smalltalker wanted

Colin Putney cputney at wiresong.ca
Thu Nov 17 13:42:23 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

The development group I work with at Micromuse (see micromuse.com)  
has an opening for a Senior Engineer. We write the back end for  
Proviso, which is software for managing the performance of the really  
large networks that telecom carriers have. It's a scalable,  
distributed system for gathering and processing network statistics  
and loading them into a database for reporting. It's written almost  
entirely in VisualWorks.

It sounds like a pretty dull application, but there are some pretty  
cool aspects to it. We have a complete Javascript runtime in the  
project, and  export parts of the internal object model to the JS  
environment for scripting. There are development tools as well -  
debuggers, inspectors etc for Javascript objects. Performance and  
scalability are big issues, and so we do a lot of work based on  
database research - distributed datastructures, stream processing,  
query optmization, load balancing, etc.

This is also a good team to work with - all of them strong coders  
with lots of Smalltalk experience. We do a lot of agile-style  
development, although we're not wedded to XP, Scrum or the like in  
particular. Being on-site would be a plus, but we'd consider remote  

Here's what we're looking for in a candidate.


o Solid experience with dynamic languages
o Experience in an Agile and Test Driven Development environment
o Development targeted for UNIX platforms (e.g. Solaris, AIX, Linux)
o Good understanding of RDBMS technology  (esp. SQL)

Bonus points for experience with:

o Stream Processing
o Query Processing and Optimization
o Compiler Development
o Performance Modeling

Nice to have:

o Network Performance Management (e.g. SNMP)
o Distributed Systems Development
o Server Development

This job is posted on Monster: <http://jobsearch.monster.com/ 
3A30&Logo=1&q=Smalltalk+Micromuse&cy=us>, so interested candidates  
can apply there, or send a resume and cover letter directly to our HR  
department: Bill Paliwoda <bpaliwod at micromuse.com>



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