Squeak PostCard

SeungBum Kim picxenk at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 12:55:46 UTC 2005

> I would like to create some cards with Squeak Syntax and links
> following the
> ones of scratch or the one made by SeungBum Kim

Hi Stef.
(I hope you to rememeber me. We've met at the OOPSLA'04)

Thank you for interests in Squeak PostCard.
Actually, it's not a postcard. I call it 'Squeak Action Card'.


You can enlarge the image by clicking the each card image.

> SeungBum do you have a template?
> Do you have an electronic version?

Yes, I have original photoshop files.
If you want to get the design file, send me an email to
I've send the file to Alexandre Bergel who want to make a squeak card.

picxenk (SeungBum Kim)
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