SM 2.1 coming soon

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Wed Nov 23 09:20:36 UTC 2005

goran at puso en su mail :

> So please, pretty please with sugar on top - can someone tell me how to fix
> this? Also, while you are at it - it would be nice to get SMLoader into the
> tool flap - I think I have done all the preparations for it - but we also need
> to somehow recreate the flap. Any ideas on how we deal with that in this new
> brave world?
I having SMLoader on flaps for eras.
Also having how to load from my disk without network.

I have one unofficial 6704 image with fixes and some things what I still
don't send to list in
password: elpelotero

Any Squeaker are welcome to test.
Includes drag and drop from html, mp3,mpg, iCab mac files.

I have the machine on about 09:00 to 23:00 GMT .

Saludos desde Rosario, Argentina.


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