Help getting started porting to eInk prototyping platform

Bob Courchaine bobc at
Fri Nov 25 18:17:15 UTC 2005

Hello, folks!

I'm working on building a prototype of an info appliance that uses an
electronic paper display for its form factor and readability.

I have a prototyping platform from eInk
( that uses a Gumstix SBC to drive a
specialized display driver connected to the electronic paper.

Given Squeak's exceptional portability, I'd like to use it to build a
demo to run directly on the device.

I'm gearing up to port Squeak to the device starting with the existing
Linux port (the Gumstix comes w/ Linux running on it). But I'm not sure
how to get the VM to send output to the eInk-supplied API (source code
included) to the electronic paper driver.

I've found Ian's "Squeak on Linux Framebuffer" page and think that will
help. But minnow's timing out right now so I can't dig deeper into that.

Anyone else have other pointers/advice/etc?


Bob Courchaine

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