Squeak Map setup

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Sun Nov 27 22:50:04 UTC 2005

Jimmie Houchin wrote:
> Just for reference I'm starting with a fresh 3.7 basic image.
> I would just like the best path from a fresh 3.7 to the latest greatest
> KomHttp and HV.

This isn't exactly what you asked for, but I spent
a few hours last night (more than I expected) setting
up to use Monticello Configurations (MCC) which was
mentioned a few days ago on the list. After setting
up MCC as described in the posting, and downloading
the required *.mcz files for KomHttpServer and Seaside
to a local directory, I was able to build a working
Seaside starting from Squeak3.8-6665 + MCC, by simply
loading the configuration. I've included the .mcm that
I used.

BTW, could SqueakMap be made to appear as a Monticello
HTTP repository? Although I prefer to have a local
cache of the .mcz files, the resulting .mcm files are
not portable to others. In some cases, the actual
repositories are on squeaksource, and those _can_ be
put into the .mcm directly.

Yanni Chiu
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repository ('')
dependency ('KomServices' 'KomServices-gk.2' '1df806ee-4484-403d-a350-41831f924a96')
dependency ('KomHttpServer' 'KomHttpServer-gk.5' 'df0a656d-75e4-4203-ac95-304cb0f8ba49')
dependency ('DynamicBindings' 'DynamicBindings-gk.1' 'caa412d9-794d-45a4-b651-7808a5cbf6b7')
dependency ('Seaside2' 'Seaside2.50-avi.1' 'a90d16e2-d050-11d9-b842-000a95db7844')
dependency ('ShoreComponents' 'ShoreComponents-tbn.27' 'd4de233b-21cf-f347-bdd6-02aa3a94aef3')

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