Caché Database System Integration With Squeak

Simon Kirk Simon.Kirk at
Mon Nov 28 10:34:06 UTC 2005

Hi Ron - yes! Funnily enough I've spent the last two months struggling 
with this very subject :)

How are you planning to integrate with Caché? My first priority was to 
try to integrate with their ODBC drivers - there's a thread about it on 
this list here 
Eventually I did get success, but as you can see from the thread, it's 
certainly a non-ideal solution.

Upon communication with their (admittedly pretty helpful) support staff 
it turns out the timer is internally set up to control a timeout value 
within their own unix driver software. Of course, the whole issue I 
found doesn't apply if you're working with windows as their ODBC driver 
is completely different, the integration works just fine - within the 
boundaries of FFI, of course.

We're now at the point of trying to decide what to do. The whole point 
of all this is to add Caché as a supported database for GLORP (and have 
it work on other OSes than Windows - preferably Linux in our case), but 
I'd be interested to know how you intend to use it. We're considering 
whether to try to hit the metal directly and write pure Squeak drivers 
for Caché, but we're not sure whether they'd give up the specs to us of 
how we need to communicate with their server. The PostgreSQL drivers for 
Squeak seem to encapsulate a nice generic framework from which base 
other pure Squeak database drivers, but whoever developed it never did 
the required abstraction: I wonder if anybody ever did it, started it, 
or even considered doing it?

Anyway, it's nice to know we're not the only people trying to break this 
ground now :)


Ron Teitelbaum wrote:

> Hello All,
> Has anyone worked with the Caché Database system: 
> .  I'm interested in possible integration 
> with squeak.
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